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Today, the solar industry and markets are experiencing record growth. Many states, utilities and the federal government are offering lucrative incentives for the installation of solar energy systems. Numerous companies and individuals are seeking to enter the business as manufacturers, financiers, distributors, integrators, marketers and installers. However, not all have the requisite training, experience and qualifications to safely and successfully install systems, nor the appropriate licenses to practice construction contracting according to the building codes and laws in their jurisdiction.

UAC Solar Contractors offer affordable cost-effective solar panel installations that generate solar electricity for your home. UAC Solar Contractors also are installers of solar hot water heating systems that heats water for your home or commercial business use. UAC Solar Contractors can also help you heat your swimming pool by using solar pool heating collector systems. Solar pool heaters make your pool warmer, more comfortable and add months to your swimming season.

UAC Solar Contractors have developed relationships with all the major suppliers, getting only the best components for every installation. After hundreds of installations over the last decade—including two of the largest installations in California. We are the top solar electric design and installation company.

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