Residential Solar Systems

Wondering what solar can do for you and your home?

A solar electric installation is one of the most valuable improvements you can make to your home. It instantly increases its value while offering lasting protection from escalating energy costs. The environmental impact is also significant, as a clean, renewable energy source like solar causes none of the ill effects of fossil fuel use. More and more Los Angeles County homeowners are realizing that solar makes for a greener planet and a greener bank account. And many are choosing UAC Solar Contractors, counting on our experience and dedication to intelligent, efficient design to avoid surprises and prevent headaches.
Solar panels for the home hold up well in extreme weather, such as hail and strong winds, and require no maintenance from residents. Home solar energy systems last on average of about 25 years. Adding solar panels for the home are a home improvement, thus making your home appreciate in value.

A solar installation is an investment in both the financial sense, and in the future of our planet.

More Reasons why go Solar:

  1. Government incentives can offset up to 50% of your solar electricity installation! UAC Solar Contractors experts will ensure that all applicable incentives are applied to your project, as well as file rebate and grant applications.
  2. Reduce or eliminate your electric bills and protect yourself against future rate increases – Spin Your Meter Backwards!
  3. Generate income through the sale of Clean Energy Credits.
  4. Increase your property value.
  5. Go Green. Reduce your carbon footprint to help preserve precious natural resources.

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